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Harvey Thorstad

Few people realize
The philosophical basis for their beliefs.
Psychologists of the behavioral modification school
Are generally unaware of the materialistic philosophy that
Underlies their view of human and animal behavior.
Pavlov, Skinner and many others study reward, punishment and similar means
To modify behavior.
They have learned to modify human and animal behavior very effectively.
People in the advertising field have capitalized and expanded
On these procedures to sell products and services and
To manipulate the populous.
Many politicians, too,
Have learned to manipulate the public using these tools
To get elected and
To promote their views and policies.
Note these views have a very materialistic, deterministic basis
And tend to use reward, punishment, fear and similar manipulative means
To control.
Frequently the goal of this control is greed or power.
Where are ethics, respect, morality, responsibility, compassion, love and joy?

Now contrast the above materialistic picture
With a mentalistic or psychophysical interactionist philosophical base,
Where the forces of chaos play a larger role.
Ethics, respect, morality, responsibility, compassion, love and joy abound.
To refresh understanding of the role of chaos and the various philosophical views,
Rereading chapters one and six is recommended.
Humanistic psychologists have promoted a very different view of human and animal behavior.
Perhaps partial understanding can be made
By looking at Abraham Maslow’s
“Hierarchy of Needs.”


Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs


These needs drive human behavior.
Before safety needs become functional,
Physiological needs must be at least partially satisfied,
And so on for love/belonging and higher level needs.
For example, a person dying of thirst on a desert
Will not be motivated by friendship
Until his thirst has been at least partially satisfied.

Note that wealth, greed and power are important only,
In so far as they contribute to these core needs.
By educating the people as to what is possible
At Love/Belonging,
At Esteem,
And at Self-Actualization levels;
One can lead
Toward a far more joyous world.

Instead of largely ignoring our large homeless population,
We should strive to at least partially satisfy their physiological and safety needs.
This would allow them to function at the love/belonging and higher levels.

Instead of allowing our nation to bully other nations
And drive them toward the level of safety and physiological needs,
We should allow and encourage rising to the enjoyment of living at higher levels.

Imagine a world population where the vast majority
Have their basic needs largely satisfied.
Imagine a world where most are enjoying
Problem solving behavior,
Lack of prejudice,
Acceptance of facts,
And other pleasures of self actualization.

Imagine a world where individuals and businesses
Truly represent and advertise their goods and services.

Imagine a world at peace
With nations intermingling with one another showing
Respect, compassion, friendship, and good will.

Hopefully, such a goal can be reached.
How to reach such a goal is a subject that has occupied much of my time.

I once read,
“What man can conceive, Man can achieve.”
May it be so.



• Chapter 1, Creation

• Chapter 2, Destiny

• Chapter 3, The Building Blocks Of Religion

• Chapter 4, The Self-Image

• Chapter 5, Demons

• Chapter 6, Philosophy Is Like A Book

• Chapter 7, Cosmic Consciousness

• Chapter 8, Imagination

• Chapter 10, The Sixth Sense, Quantum Mind And Quantum      Entanglement

• Chapter 11, Like Attracts Like

• Chapter 12, Purpose

Text and Photos © by Harvey Thorstad 2011. All rights reserved.

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You can contact me at harveythorstad@yahoo if you wish.



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