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Harvey Thorstad

All things are connected.
We are connected
To each other
To the birds that fly
To the deer that run
To the bees that pollinate
To the fish that swim
To the trees that shade
To the earth that nourishes
To the sun that lights
To the stars that shine
To the universe that awes.

How are we connected?
Primarily, we are connected by our five senses.
We see
We hear
We smell
We taste
We touch.
What about the mother that senses when her son dies?
What about the documented cases of mothers,
Fathers, spouses, lovers, friends and others who
Sense the death of ones near them when they die from
A great catastrophe such as
The sinking of the Titanic
And great coal mine catastrophes?

I remember working at a small fish market
During my mid teens.
I was puzzled by the flow of customers
That seemed to come in random clusters.
Hours would go by with no customers,
Then a flurry of customers
Followed by another quiet period.
I attempted to match the busy periods
With rush hour
With time of day
With events in the area.
All attempts to find a pattern failed.
The nearest I could come to a reasonable explanation was
When one car stopped
Others noticed and remembered that
They also wanted to stop at the fish market.
This explanation wasn’t satisfying to me, but,
I could come up with none better at the time.
This clustering behavior continued to puzzle me over the years.
Coincidence did not seem to explain the observed experiences.

The literature is filled with psychic experiences.
Are these all to be explained as coincidence,
Hallucination, wishful thinking
Or otherwise untrue?

Over time great thinkers have expanded our understanding
Of the universe.
Copernicus showed that the earth revolved around the sun.
Newton gave us laws of physics.
Einstein gave us the theory of relativity.
Max Plank gave us quantum physics.
Now many are looking beyond the forgoing to what might be called
The quantum mind.
Numerous quantum mind theories are being proposed by noted professionals
Such as
David Bohm, Gustav Bernroider, David chalmers, Roger Penrose,
Evan Walker and Henry Stapp.
It greatly pleased me to note people seriously studying
Quantum Mind.

Quantum Entanglement

“is a property of a quantum mechanical state of a system of two or more objects in which the states of the constituting objects
are linked together so that one object can no longer be adequately described without full mention of its counterpart-even if the
individual objects are spatially separated .”
Quantum Entanglement
Spatial separation is irrelevant.
That is, communication between entangled objects is instantaneous.
This exceeds Einstein’s speed of light limit.
Pulling the five senses, quantum mind, quantum entanglement and
Free will together
Leads to a sixth sense.
The sixth sense is another way we are connected
With the universe.
The sixth sense allows free will to operate as an original cause unbound
By the cause and effect prison.
It allows telepathy, clairvoyance, telekinesis, precognition and other psychic phenomena.
It allows one to function with greater freedom than
a grain of sand in an avalanche.
It allows ethics, responsibility, joy, morality, intentionality, love, belonging and creativity.

Some of what I’ve written here is speculative.
I greatly desire comments.
I’m very much encouraged to note the current research and writing
By serious respected professionals that go
Way beyond Newton, Einstein and Plank.



• Chapter 1, Creation

• Chapter 2, Destiny

• Chapter 3, The Building Blocks Of Religion

• Chapter 4, The Self-Image

• Chapter 5, Demons

• Chapter 6, Philosophy Is Like A Book

• Chapter 7, Cosmic Consciousness

• Chapter 8, Imagination

• Chapter 9, Of The Dance Between Chaos

• Chapter 11, Like Attracts Like

• Chapter 12, Purpose

Text and Photos © by Harvey Thorstad 2011. All rights reserved.

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