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Harvey Thorstad

‘Twas Einstein who said it:
Higher than religions of fear,
higher than religions of morality
is a cosmic religious feeling (“cosmic consciousness”)
attained by very few.

Religions of fear
arise out of a need to placate basic fears,
such as hunger, sickness, wild animals, and death.
Religions of fear
generally establish a priestly caste
to stabilize the traditions
and mediate with a deity or deities.
Secular leaders,
if separate from the spiritual leaders,
generally make common cause with the priesthood.

The religions of morality
arise out of a desire
to satisfy moral and social needs—
love, respect, recognition, and so on.
The moral God
protects, loves, rewards, punishes, and is parental in nature,
always looking out after his flock.

Cosmic consciousness
is exceedingly difficult to communicate.
Many religious leaders, artists, philosophers, scientists, and everyday people
have attempted to describe it.
It has no persona one might call God,
no church associated with it.
It is a nirvanic feeling of peace within the universe,
of being one with the universe.

Attainment of cosmic consciousness
is both difficult and easy.
In general,
one has to free oneself of the necessities of everyday living,
the cares and concerns of the moment.
Many forms of meditation have cosmic consciousness
as the ultimate goal.
Even so, most meditators,
while attaining a tranquil, peaceful level,
are unable
to sufficiently free themselves
of the bonds of their culture
to attain a cosmic consciousness.

Some American Indians
have a ritualistic rite of passage into manhood
that attempts attainment of this cosmic sense.
In general,
a male in late adolescence
will go alone into the wilderness
to a specific location
and commune
with the Nature spirits
until an instructive vision is reached.
This generally takes days.

The scientist,
to achieve cosmic consciousness,
must rise above the hypothesis of causality
and accept free will,
ethical responsibility
and the values
that make life worth living.

Be that as it may,
it is at the level of cosmic consciousness
that spirituality, artistry, scientific work, and everyday living
can find common purpose
and work together for the betterment of the world.



• Chapter 1, Creation

• Chapter 2, Destiny

• Chapter 3, The Building Blocks Of Religion

• Chapter 4, The Self-Image

• Chapter 5, Demons

• Chapter 6, Philosophy Is Like A Book

• Chapter 8, Imagination

• Chapter 9, Of The Dance Between Chaos

• Chapter 10, The Sixth Sense, Quantum Mind And Quantum      Entanglement

• Chapter 11, Like Attracts Like

• Chapter 12, Purpose

Text © by Harvey Thorstad 2011. All rights reserved.

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