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Harvey Thorstad

Positive thinking improves health,
And cures disease.
Negative thinking promotes illness,
In one’s weakest area.
Laying on of hands can heal.
Loss of the “will to live” can kill.

What force is at work here?
How is it focused?
How is it controlled?
What does it do?

If laying on of hands by one can heal,
What can be done by two in unison?
By three?
By ten?
By a multitude?
By a congregation?
By a religion?

One method of focusing this force
Is called prayer.
Another is concurrent reinforcement of beliefs
At a church service.
Or at a specified time.
Or through meditation.

Note that this reinforcement of beliefs
Actually creates and strengthens
The belief.
It actually creates and maintains the god
Or gods.
The more effective the focusing of beliefs
Of the followers,
The stronger the god
Or gods.
The god or gods are this force
Shaped by its believers and followers.

Under this view, Zeus and the gods of ancient Greece
Did and do exist
So long as even one person believes in them.
The same is true for Jehovah,
The “Great Spirit” of American Indian tribes,
As well as the Norse and Roman Gods.

The scientific method allows for no deific power source.
This, itself,
Is a belief in denial.
It, like other religions,
Gains its strength from the belief
Of its followers.

Calling upon aid from one’s gods is common
In preparation
For battle
Or athletic competition.
A practice
That has been present
Throughout recorded history.
Is this just useless rhetoric,
Or does it serve as a focus
Of psychic energy?
Of focusing spiritual force
For good,
Or ill?

Under this view,
The “Will of the Gods”
Is the belief and will
Of its believers and followers.

What makes one religion grow?
Another decline?
One strong?
Another weak?
Is uniting in prayer
Five times a day
More effective than
Once a week?

As in “Star Wars,”
“Let the Force be with You.”
Can have real psychic meaning
If one believes.

Can viewing the building blocks of religion
In this manner
Help build a better world?
Say I.
Current religions in general no longer
Serve the better interests of society.
It’s time for a world view of our spiritual nature
To grow and replace the antiquated religions of today.
The “Age of Aquarius” is here.
Similar to the typewriter being replaced by the computer,
The new order will be a long road.
Old ways cling very effectively.



• Chapter 1, Creation

• Chapter 2, Destiny

• Chapter 4, The Self-Image

• Chapter 5, Demons

• Chapter 6, Philosophy Is Like A Book

• Chapter 7, Cosmic Consciousness

• Chapter 8, Imagination

• Chapter 9, Of The Dance Between Chaos

• Chapter 10, The Sixth Sense, Quantum Mind And Quantum      Entanglement

• Chapter 11, Like Attracts Like

• Chapter 12, Purpose

Text © by Harvey Thorstad 2011. All rights reserved.

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