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Harvey Thorstad

A stress doctor discovers
a shore of the Ocean of Chaos.
He marvels at the power and freedom there
as he learns
to form some of the ocean waves to perform good.
He learns variations
of suggestion, hypnosis, and exercises for relaxation.
He learns to relieve stress in self and others.
Then he observes that some of his clients become sick.
He’s puzzled
and assumes
it’s because he aided them in relieving stress too quickly.
He doesn’t yet realize
he has discovered
what many healers before him have discovered,
that he has merely removed a symptom,
but not changed the self-image.

Healers of many fields have frequently been puzzled
by healing one illness
only to have it replaced by another.
This is true whether healing by
the laying on of hands, suggestion, meditation, pills, or hypnosis.
If the related self-image,
which says the person is stressed, unhealthy, or ill
is not changed,
the power of internal suggestion
will find another way to fulfill the self-image.
The person with headaches will develop back pain.
The stressed person will develop sore joints.
The power and ingenuity of internal suggestion,
which fosters a self-image,
is endless.
To be truly healed,
a person must change his self-image,
either by himself
or with assistance.



• Chapter 1, Creation

• Chapter 2, Destiny

• Chapter 3, The Building Blocks Of Religion

• Chapter 5, Demons

• Chapter 6, Philosophy Is Like A Book

• Chapter 7, Cosmic Consciousness

• Chapter 8, Imagination

• Chapter 9, Of The Dance Between Chaos

• Chapter 10, The Sixth Sense, Quantum Mind And Quantum      Entanglement

• Chapter 11, Like Attracts Like

• Chapter 12, Purpose

Text © by Harvey Thorstad 2011. All rights reserved.

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